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The Debtors Prison in the Lisheen Castle Haunted Ruins
by ghostmap

There’s a spot that is apart of the Lisheen Castle Haunted Ruins and not of the newly reconstructed castle that’s been responsible for some of  the most substantial evidence of supernatural happenings to this day. It’s known as the Debtor’s Prison. The debtor’s prison is the  part of the castle where the townspeople who owed the landlord money, would be cast into left to rot. They were given the chance to pay off their debt to the landlord only that was strictly up to the debtors family since the debtor or victim, was locked away and could not do anything. There was no food or water given to the debtor. They were simply locked away in that area and left until somebody paid their debt or they’d die.

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July 22nd

Lisheen Castle